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Smart Checklist for Jira is the best choice for teams to create QA, Acceptance Criteria and DoD checklists, manage big recurring ToDo lists, Service Desk tickets, and more!

Powered by Markdown full-screen editor, it enables the creation of large checklists with rich formatting. Offering advanced Template editing features, it saves time while working on repeatable tasks and processes.

Thanks to user-friendly configuration, Smart Checklist makes integration with other Jira add-ons extremely easy, which allows to streamline multiple workflows.

Available on Cloud, Server and Data Center instances - Smart Checklist makes a perfect fit for all: from SMBs to large Enterprises.


Why to choose Smart Checklist for Jira

Enjoy rich Markdown formatting

Mention your @colleague or add a deadline 09-02-2019 to a list item, insert links and images, and more! Make your every checklist item always call for action!

Use Templates for recurring tasks & processes

Create the Definition of Done, Service Desk issue handling or Onboarding checklist template and set it as default per all or a specific issue type!

Track issue progress through checklist status

Change an item’s status to ‘In Progress’, ‘Skipped’ or ‘Done’ as you review your Jira ToDo list. Check out the general level of issue completion by accessing the Agile board card view.

Integrate Smart Checklist with other Jira add-ons

Multiply your team’s productivity by combining the power of checklists with Automation for Jira, ScriptRunner for Jira, Jira Misc Workflow Extensions and other add-ons!

Maintain your GDPR compliance with Smart Checklist

Rely on Smart Checklist in terms of Privacy and Security. Complying with GDPR, and being a Privacy Shield certified app, our add-on offers high standards for quality, reliability and customer support.

Compatible with Jira Cloud, Server and Data Center

Smart Checklist makes a great addition to your task management and tracking environment, ensuring the add-on compatibility with Cloud, Server and Data Center instances.


Check out these Jira checklist examples!

ToDo list

Split your task into small actionable items so it will be easier to complete it.

Definition of Done

Set the requirements which will indicate when an issue is completed.

Acceptance Criteria

Define the conditions that a task should meet to be accepted by a user.

More Use Cases


How everything started and where we are now

Our team created this tool for internal use during the company-wide transition from Trello to Jira, when our team noticed that the newly adopted tool lacked Trello’s in-built checklist functionality. Jira offered subtasks instead, but we wanted to continue using a less time-consuming option, which would be still linked to a Jira issue and require less management overhead.

So, we commenced with launching the first free Cloud version of the Smart Checklist add-on on the Atlassian Marketplace. The first half of the year showed a vivid trend in customer growth and interest from the Jira community. Our team responded to it by leveraging great Knowledge Base and support to all free users.

Later we launched the first paid Smart Checklist Cloud version. Smart Checklist Server and Data Center versions followed. In the meantime, our team released the Smart Checklist Exporter Trello power-up aimed at streamlining the process of checklist migration from Trello to Jira, as well as converting the Trello card checklists into the format supported by the Smart Checklist add-on for Jira.

The work on the add-on is in constant progress. So, watch out for more to come!

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