Free Trial vs Enterprise Plan Comparison

Here you can find the main difference between the Smart Checklist Free Trial and the Enterprise Edition.

Free Trial


for teams that use small checklists for short-term ad-hoc projects. for teams that use small and large checklists for managing tasks as part of recurring software development and business processes.
Jira instance Cloud Cloud and Server


Starting from:


for Cloud


for Server

Basic Functionality

Number of checklist items



Number of project templates



Display, creation and editing

Access & edit checklists from the Agile board issue detail view
Adjust checklist position on the Jira issue view
Manage big checklists in full-screen editor using Markdown
Add details under each list item

Status and progress tracking

Set statuses for checklist item
Track issue progress on the Agile board
Update checklists while an issue moves through the workflow
Enable Jira issue validation based on checklist items’ status

Administration and other features

View checklist changes in the Jira issue history
Manage add-on visibility per project
Make checklist changes via Jira REST API
Search for tickets and JQL support


Customer support Basic Support
72h response
Primary Support
8h response
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Starting from 01 May 2018 we introduce the specific changes to the Smart Checklist for Jira Free Trial subscription plan.

The Free Trial version will offer the basic Smart Checklist features only, making a good fit for those clients who create small checklists on an ad hoc basis. The Enterprise

Shifting our focus to the Enterprise edition, we will ensure steady delivery of further plugin improvements and high-level support, while still maintain our commitment to offering a free plan.

If you would like to continue using the full-featured edition, please upgrade to Enterprise Plan Now.

The upgrade is easy and completely safe since all your data will be stored on your Jira instance. Read about the transition process here.

For any questions, feel free to ping us at smartchecklist[at]

How to Upgrade to Enterprise Edition from Free trial

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