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Smart Checklist is a powerful add-on for JIRA Cloud and Server instances. It helps to organize your ToDo items, Definition of Done lists and Acceptance Criterias with simple instructions per item, Markdown formatting and convenient full-screen editor. You can easily exchange checklists with emails, use as a template for new JIRA items creation.


Why to choose Smart Checklist for JIRA

Simple syntax with Markdown support

Use full-screen editor with Markdown support and simple but powerfull syntax for more convenient work with checklists

Checklist items' states tracking

Organize your JIRA ToDo lists, checklists with simple instructions per item, and track state of every checklist item

JIRA Cloud and Server instances compatibility

Choose add-on edition specific to your JIRA instance and avoid complex sub-tasks creation for your JIRA issue


Some examples of JIRA Smart Checklist usage

ToDo list

Split your task to small actionable items so it will be done more easily

Definition of Done

Set the characteristics which will clearly indicate when issue is deliverable

Acceptance Criteria

Indicate conditions that a task must satisfy to be accepted by QA or user

More Use Cases


How it's started

We at Railsware have moved to JIRA after using Trello for quite a while. And now we use JIRA to manage our own projects and Organization activities. Trello was pretty good as it provided our team with great functionality on managing Project boards and single Tickets, but most importantly – with checklists embedded in Trello cards. However, JIRA seemed to have some great support of custom statuses, workflows, APIs and service desk project types, so we decided to switch. As we handle various projects, from Software Development to managing Company Structure, we needed a place to describe repeatable processes, from release instructions to office plants care. Essentially, we required a substitution for Trello checklists.

There’re subtasks in JIRA which are basically same as JIRA ticket, but located 1 level below your current issue and linked to it. And it works OK for tasks with bigger context. However, often you don’t need that overhead, but rather to put up to 10 To Do items or Definition of Done criteria or other steps and instructions for task execution.

Managing such an activity through JIRA subtasks is time-consuming sort of pain. Therefore we decided to implement Smart Checklist add-on and it became a very useful part of our JIRA infrastructure.


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